A fast and aggressive style, this is the hallmark of the music of Chaos Fear, a band founded by Fernando Boccomino, his brother Eduardo Boccomino and Danilo de Freitas. The band was born in 1999 under name Sick Mind. The next year, a 3-song demo called Sick Mind was released. The wide acceptance of the demo enabled the band to do a lot of shows and plans were made to record an entire album. While composing new songs, bass player Anderson De Franca joined the band and in 2002 they started recording a new demo. Meanwhile a band with the same name was discovered so the band changed their name to Chaos Fear.

The new demo, "Inside The Extreme World" was ready to be released, but guitar player Eduardo Boccomino left the band pushing the demo release out to 2003. The reaction from the public and from the media couldn't have been better. The Demo received very positive reviews. In 2005, the band concentrated on writing the first full length album. The band went into the studio in February of 2006 to record "One Step Behind Anger"

OSM Records, plans to officially release "One Step Behind Anger" in early Summer Time of 07 with bonus tracks. You can also expect a new album in 2008.

Line Up:
Eduardo Boccomino - Guitars
Fernando Boccomino - Vocal / Guitars
Anderson de Fran├ža - Bass
Danilo de Freitas - Drums